“On the Lake”; a Poem by Fannie Isabelle Sherrick from the mid-1800’s

Photo-art contribution by Catherine Turn Golden-Artful Thinking Gallery; Cedar Creek Lake Malakoff, Texas

There’s a beautiful lake where the sun lies low,
And the skies are warm with their summer glow;
And a beautiful picture there I see
Where the winds are warm and the waves are free,
And the waves lie still in the sun
As the flowers at night, when the day is done.

You may sing of your silvery seas by night
When the moon looks down with a dreamy light;
And the stars shine out in the skies above
Like the warm sweet gaze of the eyes of love;
But the glow on the lake to-day
Is a glory that never will fade away.

The beautiful lake is a sea of gold
And the beauty it wears will never grow old;
The trees bend down in the sun’s warm glow
Till their branches meet in the waves below,
And the clouds in the far-off skies
Are mirrored anew where the sunlight lies.

I love to float where the shadows lie
‘Neath the matchless glow of the summer sky;
And I love to dream that these waves of light
Will never fade in the gloomy night:
But I know that the things I love
Are as far from my reach as the clouds above.

Oh, the beautiful lake is a sea of gold
And the beauty it wears will never grow old;
The cloudlets of Heaven are mirrored there
In a golden splendor so bright and fair
That the soul is dazzled for aye
By the beautiful light of this summer’s day.

Oh, I love to dream when this life is o’er
We shall moor our boats near the golden shore;
And our sorrows shall drift from us far away
As the leaves that float in their idle play,
And the waves shall smile in the sun
When the night is over and life is done.

Attributions and More Info:

Fannie Isabelle Sherrick was an American poet who wrote songs and poems throughout the 1860’s that captured hearts and minds of the era. “I Can Not Say the Sad Good-Bye”, was one of her notable songs published in 1873.  Fannie was both influenced and encouraged by Ella Wheeler Wilcox to whom she attributed much of her writing success. Her most popular poetry volume entitled “Love or Fame and Other Poems”,  was published in 1880 by W.S Bryan of St Louis.  She continued writing for many years thereafter.  Many books containing the classics for poetry and literature are available still today.  If you’re lucky enough to live near the Cedar Creek Lake area, be sure to check out Bookish located at 211 South Terry Street in Malakoff, Texas.  Jen Sherman, the owner and her helpful assistants are passionate about helping readers find just what they’re looking for.  Phone:  214-797-7669.  www.facebook.com/pg/BookishBookstoreTX

Catherine Turn Golden is a Lifestyle and Event photographer whose primary goal is to capture the stories and inspire people with different styles.  Catherine covers all aspects of photography including weddings, engagements, portraits, and art through everyday things.  She also enjoys photographing fashion, street scenes, landscape and wildlife and has a degree in art photography from TVCC.  Catherine is also the owner of the Artful Thinking Gallery where her works as well as those of many other accomplished professional artists are on display and may be purchased.  Catherine can be be reached at the Artful Thinking Gallery at 214 South Terry Street; Malakoff, Texas.  Phone number 903-489-3000.  

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