Fireworks, July 4th Noise and Caring for Your Best Dog Friend at the Lake

Summertime can be the best time for you and your best dog friend (BDF) to spend time together at the lake.  But, around July 4th, things can get loud as the sun sets and this can mean unnecessary anxiety for your BDF…and you.  With a little advance planning, both you and ‘Rover’ can have a great adventure together this 4th and still enjoy all the celebrations and bang-sparkle-boom! that Texas lakes like Cedar Creek Lake, Lake Lewisville, Lake Texoma and Lake Travis are famous for!

Just like people, for many reasons, dogs can react differently and sometimes profoundly to loud, unfamiliar sounds and bright lights nearby.  These sources can include heavy highway traffic (as in on the way to the lake!), large thunderstorms and late-night fireworks displays…all potential sources of anxiety for your BDF at the lake.  But for some, avoiding a costly trip to the vet to pick up some prescription sedatives may be a preferred route to take; especially if you’re rushing around at the last minute to get that full lake day started.  So, we’ve put together a short Tips list for how to help make your furry friend as comfortable as possible while you and yours enjoy the bright lights, loud sounds and patriotic celebrations!

Tip Number One:  Dog Aromatherapy and specially formulated supplements

Relax Aromatherapy-Whether he or she is a Bloodhound or an English Terrier, help your dog mellow out with a soothing aromatherapy potion like Relax Dog Aromatherapy.  With this miracle spray, your dog may be THE most relaxed, placid dog on earth. Nothing will faze him; he will just lay there with that calm look on his face and when the fireworks start or a Thunderstorm rolls in he and you will be both in a better place!

Just as many people are terrified of public speaking, flying, snakes, spiders or heights, our dogs can also be triggered by external sources. Of course, thunder and fireworks are the biggies, plus, separation from their pack (you) can cause stress. The good news is Relax Dog Aromatherapy can help your dog during the scariest of times with the calming properties of all-natural essential oils. The essential oil blend includes cedar wood, cypress, frankincense, lavender, vetiver and bergamot, and comes in a convenient 2.7oz spray mister and roll-on.

For best results, start out with the spray prior to the fireworks and follow up with the roll-on treatment as necessary.

Vital Planet CALM-A chewable alternative to Aromatherapy is a natural, stress releasing supplement called Vital Planet CALM – which delivers natural support to promote relaxation and calmness in stressful situations for dogs.  Here are the key advantages we’ve discovered for Vital Planet CALM:

  • SUPPORTS BALANCED BEHAVIOR: Formulated for dogs experiencing stress and anxiousness from situations such as thunderstorms, traveling and veterinarian visits.
  • PROMOTES RELAXATION: Contains GABA, L-Theanine and Vitamin B1 to help dogs maintain normal emotional balance.
  • CALMING HERBAL BLEND: This potent combination of natural ingredients includes well know herbs such as chamomile, lemon balm and valerian. And, the proprietary blend has been formulated for dogs experiencing stress and anxiousness from situations such as fireworks, thunderstorms, traveling and veterinarian visits.
  • SOFT CHEWS:  This supplement is available as a soft chew

Karmapets, Vegan Calming Treats-For an all Vegan solution you may want to consider Karmapets Vegan Calming Treats for Rover.  We summarize the key advantages below:

REDUCE DOGGY STRESS WITHOUT MEDS – KarmaPets chews are natural supplements that can bring your pet’s emotions back into balance even during fireworks displays and Thunderstorms.

SAFELY CALMING WITHOUT DROWSINESS – Most anxiety “medications” cover up bad feelings with a mask of drowsiness. Not KarmaPets chews. This unique formula keeps your BDF alert while still enjoying a calm and happy state of mind.

BALANCE BRAIN CHEMISTRY WHEN STRESSED – Sometimes your dog will be stressed out even when there is no danger (nail-clipping, bathing, car rides, storms). A calming supplement, given before or during the stressor, can prevent unnecessary suffering.

VEGAN, ORGANIC, HEALTHY INGREDIENTS – You will get a verified combination of healthy ingredients, including Chamomile Extract, Passion Flower, and organic hemp oil. Each chew is 100% Vegan friendly. Approx: 105 treats per jar.

Tip Number Two:  Dog Calming Jacket

Sometimes your Best Dog Friend (BDF), needs the comfort and support that only his loyal master’s hands, arms and body can provide.  But when that’s not always possible, another good tip is to help support him with a Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Jacket or sometimes referred to as a calming vest.

We’ve found that Thundershirt delivers gentle supporting assurance that offers:

  • Complete Comfort Compression providing for full chest fit for maximum torso coverage
  • Constant, gentle, swaddling-like pressure to help calm your BDF during stressful situations like Fireworks displays and Thunderstorms
  • It’s made of a soft, flexible, and breathable material for a comfortable fit on your dog and the added benefit of reflective piping for your dogs’ safety

You might want to consider using a Thundershirt in combination with the aromatherapy and/or chewable supplement treatments.

Tip Number Three- Over-The-Counter medication

Nobody, and especially your BDF’s vet wants to prescribe unneeded medications for your dog.  But, sometimes a little extra help from the local pharmacy may be just the thing to temporarily help sooth Rover’s anxiety while the loud, frightening fireworks display go off for the next hour or so.

So, is it ok to use Benadryl for dogs during fireworks and does it work?  The short answer is yes it can be to both questions. If your dog is scared of the fireworks or a Thunder storm, here’s an approximate dosage guide you might consider after first getting confirmation about your particular dog breed, size and medical condition from your vet’s office.

25 lb. dog-one 25 mg tablet 2-3 times per day

50 lb. dog-two 25 mg tablets 2-3 times per day

75 lb. dog-three 25 mg tablets 2-3 times per day

Summarizing, a general dosage rule of thumb is about 1 mg per one pound of body weight 2-3 times per day. It’s a good idea to start the first dosage a couple hours before the fireworks begin.  And, consider supplementing the Benedryl medication with the Thundershirt and/or Aromatherapy and chewables.

So, this 4th of July, bring Rover along to your lake celebrations and come prepared with the right combination of stress reducing care so everyone, including your BDF, will have a great experience!  For some great suggestions about fun things to do at the lake with your BDF, click here!


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